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Capri Tour

Amalfi Coast Departure: 10:00 am Return: 01:00 Stop for a visit at the lovely Emerald Grotto. On the way to see Amalfi Marina di Conca, which became popular in the ’60s, when hosted many celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Margaret of England, Sophia Loren Gianni Agnelli and many others. Near the Natural Arch we stop for a swim in the clear waters. Drinks served on board. It then goes on to Amalfi, Ravello and Minori.

Excursions in Sailing

Sailing does not mean arriving at a definite place in the shortest possible time, there are other more suitable means, but to go in a direction that will take us where the fate willing, savoring and enjoying the journey and not the destination The feeling you get to push dall’incalzante wind A holiday on a sailboat is feeling is of being immersed in the true nature, transported and gently rocked by the wind, with only the sound of seagulls and waves. The mind is free from any tension, we enter into communion with the environment around us, is regaining its place within nature, and from this it is born an emotion that pervades our whole being.


On the Amalfi Coast you can feel the sea, or stroll through the streets of the villages, or thread a good pair of walking shoes, fill your backpack and explore another aspect of this area of Campania: find lemons instead of beech and fir trees, the sea that merges with the sky instead of the granite mountains. And a series of trails and historical mule tracks when the road to the sea did not exist and the only way to move along the Amalfi Coast was cross the headlands, to go in search of Mediterranean landscapes, warm, full of colors and natural scents.

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