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Ich bin in der ganzen Welt gewesen, habe viele Länder besucht, aber dieser Ort hat mich verzaubert!   The world I have turned, many places I have visited, but this has enchanted me!

Pingert Herbert,Furore 13/08/2003

With these words an Austrian tourist is expressed, that passing in front of this house, when you/he/she was still in restructuring, he remained for a long time to look at it, and not knowing how to speak Italian made me understand to want to visit it. He remained for a long time on this terrace, and before going away, with a pencil he wrote this aphorism on the wall.


From Melograno to Terrace on the sea

As is known the pomegranate, since the days of ancient Greece, it is auspicious. Not only that, it is also a good fruit, and with extraordinary properties. Around this magical plant is located in Furore a town on the Amalfi Coast "House of the Pomegranate" an ancient farmhouse that gathers around to a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea of ​​the divine coast. A place that exudes an extraordinary life story. At the beginning of the last century housed inside a mill and a bakery, a frame and a lathe, a mill, a frame, a tobacco shop and the home of a patriarchal family with fourteen children. Define the "Casa del Melograno" a Bed and breakfast would be an understatement. It is a real complete sensory experience in a size that allows guests, just inside the door, to match the incomparable images of the landscape, the wonderful scents of the sea and of nature that form the backdrop to this unique place to stay. The young couple, Umberto and Virginia, will welcome you in this unique building, perfectly restored with noble traditional materials, without altering the delicate balance that a rural architecture has consolidated over the years. They have chosen to revive in the best way this place has always been a melting pot of life and work, as modern custodians of ancient tastes and inimitable recipes. Around them, all the details of the construction and interior evoke the ancient tradition of the craftsmen of the Amalfi Coast, the wood, the Vietri ceramics and wrought iron.


The sea in every room

The Hotel La Casa Del Melograno, and placed on the beach overlooking the Fjord of Furore, in a calm atmosphere, where the only sounds heard are the lapping of the waves and the chirping of birds, in fact by the property "is in every window the sun, in every window there is the sea. " Each room is a surprise, and from every room you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape from different points of view, as the Fjord diFurore, the Marina Praia, Praiano, Amalfi, and the 'island of LI GALLI. La Casa del Melograno, surrounded by vineyards, citrus groves, small gardens that offer the finest products of the coast is one of those invitations to let go that you can not refuse. An invitation to visit Furore and the Fjord, Ravello with its Rufolo and Cimbrone villas, Positano, Amalfi and Capri, and down gently to the sea, along the walk of love you arrive at Praia marina, or the fury fjord , which appears and disappears hidden, occasionally, by vineyards, carob trees, lemon trees, and surrounded by all sorts of reflections and unique fragrances. The sweet down to the sea offers us so incredible surprises enabling a unique experience of fusion with a nature that, kissed by the generous climate of the coast, it seems to want to welcome us and embrace us. And among the many surprises, in the bottom of the hill to the sea, the fjord of Furore, also unequivocally enchanted, ancient fishing village guardian of dreams and secrets of how much time they are in love. Perhaps the most famous story is that of Nannarella (Anna Magnani) and Roberto Rossellini who lived right there an intense and harrowing tale of love.


Virtual Tour

Live preview evocative emotions of the B & B La Casa del Melograno and the unique scenery of the Amalfi Coast




The garden is not dumb nor lonely.

The pomegranate adorn it with nice vermilions flowers of poetical memory. It’s there, noble and generous. A good patronage for the house. There’s with him in this old function the medlar tree and the laurel, as well as the most beautiful tradition of sun-dial thought. The house is not isolated from others, but it’s well-joined in the small town “Le Porpore”, which as well the other (Li Cuomi, Li Candidi, Li Summonti) it takes the name of the family that has historicaly distinguished. It’s not at any house… but it’s a grat farm laboratory, perfectly organized. At the beginning of the last century it had inside a mill and a bakery, a loom, a late, a tobacconist’s shop and a dwelling house of a patriarcal family: Husband, wife and fourteen children, half of them boys and the others girls. Alfonso Cavaliere, the patriarch directed his family with skilfulness and rigor. Rosa Gentile, His wife, attended with zeal and love. Other times what a lovely small, old-fashioned world! Then the days passed by quickly the children grow up and they settle.


Warm welcome and modern hospitality

The diaspora starts Francesco the el dest studied at university. Gaetano worked in the public administration and became mayor of Furore. Egidio joined the army and he became marshal.Antonio came back to native house’s mother in Sessa Aurunca. Salvatore and Andrea remained in native village. The sisters as well. They will got married. one of them, Serafina remained there until the end. Before near her parents and then near her brother marshal in retirement proud witness of family value. This nice story is still present in the pomegranate’s house. To repropose it again with a warm reception and good welcome, we are Umberto and Virginia. A stay with us is for the person which loves to find out the invisibility of the places for the people capable to see further on apparent reality. For the people who want to escape to trude syndrome, which all homologate, all flatten. A stay for great travelles capable to find out in the world that they visit the continent which it is hidden in themselves.

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