Rent a scooter

    La Casa del Melograno invites you to find out the most classic and picturesque side of the Amalfi Coast, renting the our modern scooters. Going through the streets of coastal towns has never been easier, because you will be the only protagonists of your itinerary! You can decide when and where you want to stop, to take a photo to the landscape, to taste local products, to buy a souvenir or to visit the most fascinating monuments. Our rental services are suitable for families, couples and young students who want to live their experience in freedom and carefree.

    Rental vespa for wedding

    The vespa is a timeless brand made in Italy that will give you the charm of the “Roman Holiday”. The vespa is a romantic model that La Casa del Melograno makes available for weddings and private cerimonies on the Amalfi Coast. If you want to customize your event and get to the church on board a fabulous vespa, renting our vehicle is the ideal option.

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